I have been Goddess Ava’s chore maid for the last year. Only recently have we begun to talk about chastity and what it might do to help enhance my drive and motivation as her personal bitch boy and servant. Wouldn’t you guess it – only a week later and here I am with a pink cage locked around my dick and the only keys to it safely around Goddess’ neck and hanging between Her holy boobs. It was a scary feeling at first, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to touch myself unless Goddess Ava decided I was worthy too. I didn’t realize how often I was stroking or even fondling myself like a goon until I was no longer allowed. Goddess Ava was certainly right – my focus and motivation have skyrocketed since, and I can’t ever imagine doing anything to step out of line and risk losing that key. I know many of you losers are hesitant or worried when it comes to chastity – but I promise You that Goddess Ava knows all – and you can trust her to take you through the early stages of fear by the hand and lead you to the promised land beyond. Thank You so so much Goddess – and feel free to do whatever you think is necessary with my keys!