Loving Chicago so much that I have decided to come back after my holidays. This city is amazing and the losers just can’t help themselves. Captivated by my beauty you instantly become obsessed and before you know it your greatest addiction is formed.

My strict demeanor, gorgeous face and luscious body is irresistible and the insatiable urge to serve me will break the strongest. I dare you to try to deny yourself. 

I love seeing you at your weakest. Watching you crumble at my feet begging for me to take your money. Just so you have a way into my world even if it’s only for a moment. One by one I will take, dominate and destroy all that you have. Perfectly mold you into the loyal little cash dispensing loser. 

That is until I have bleed you dry and you are no long of use to me. Then I will move onto the next victim that has fallen helpless to my beauty. There is no satisfying my greed. My desire to continue to live this luxury life of traveling, hotels and shopping will never grow old. I will only want more…