Hey bitches.

Today I want to talk about domestic servitude. More specifically – why it
feels so damn good to work your stupid fingers to the bone for me. Now,
while I may be a Goddess and Holy Figure, I still have unfortunate and
boring chores and errands that come with maintaining any empire of size
and worth. But, like all emperors before Me, I have an army of stupid
idiots ready to handle it instead. This is where you betas come in.

Why the hell should I ever have to clean anything? Why the hell should I
ever need to wash anything? Why the hell should I ever have to do
anything besides lounge around and relax like the royalty I am?

The answer is clearly that I shouldn’t. You should be the one working day
and night to ensure I never have to. You should be the one scrubbing my
floors and running my errands so I have more free time to do whatever
the fuck I want with my life. And you want to know the best part, beta?
It’s that this will make you complete.

Working for Me will bring you more fullness than working for yourself ever
did. Every time you bring your toothbrush to scrub my bathroom or
swallow my garbage to get it out of my sight, you’ll be happy. You’ll find
freedom in working for Me. Cleaning for Me. Driving around for Me.

Have I mentioned that you retards will be paying Me? Just like a reverse
job. Gotta’ keep this whole thing as official as possible, right? So if this
sounds like the life you were born to lead as a beta – request an
application for my new CHORE BITCH TEAM being assembled now!

your Goddess Ava