I put all of the money I had cashed from my pay check inside Goddess Ava’s sneakers, and she walked around with them care free. She ordered me to clean as she ate dinner prior to our session. Goddess Ava finishes her dinner, and fixes my leash and collar. I crawl behind her on all fours kissing the ground after each step she took. She orders me to crawl near her coffee table, remove her sneakers, and lick her feet until they’re completely clean.
I licked, sucked, cleaned, and worshiped for at least an hour and a half as she watched a movie. After the movie, she inspected her feet, and had me wipe her feet with the hair on my head to remove the excess slobber between her toes. She patted me on the lips with her foot, calling me a good slave. I prayed to her, and grovelled as she placed her foot on my head for several minutes. She blessed me by sticking her socks in my mouth, and spitting in my face. I have never felt more fulfilled.
Yours truly,
Another mere servant beneath Goddess Ava ???