Today I had the pleasure of breaking in a new domestic slave. I made him run out and buy me all organic cleaning supplies, only with the intentions of using them for myself. I subjected him to the intensity of Windex, locked inside my tiny bathroom. Using his own toothbrush to clean the titles and toilet, making sure the he doesn’t miss a single spec of dirt..

Once cleaned, he comes out and begs to have me evaluate his work… and the result were basic. Another submissive that sucks at cleaning. ‘I’m nervous” he claimed. Like I give a single fuck.

I threw him back in for a second a third cleaning. Possibly a third and forth. It honestly blows my mind, like how the fuck do you not know to how to polish a knob. Haha

Next laundry and now I am even questioning the simplicity of gym clothes being miss managed. He better not shrink or dye or discolor anything.

Back to the shower as it seemingly impossible for him to get it right.

Dishes are next, sounds simple enough to most but I don’t have high hopes after seeing what his version of clean was, it makes me nervous. I cant say I have ever feared for my dishes more then I do right now in this moment.

Holy fuck they survived…but will he?