A lowly slave’s foot worship tale with Goddess Ava

I put all of the money I had cashed from my pay check inside Goddess Ava's sneakers, and she walked around with them care free. She ordered me to clean as she ate dinner prior to our session. Goddess Ava finishes her dinner, and fixes my leash and collar. I crawl behind her on all [...]

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DC, Shoe SlutĀ 

They come in all colors, shapes and sizes but they are all addicted and I'm the prescription.   Living life on your knees.       

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Trampling 101

Just thought I would share a few pix to get your lil dick hard and begging for a session.         

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Toronto’s Foot Goddess

I know all of you have been desperately waiting for this moment to come. Yes, the feet you dream about and can't get hard without are going to be in Toronto for a week.  Don't miss your chance to Worship Perfection   

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Erotic Humiliation

      A specific type of female dominant skilled in the particular art of erotic humiliation and/or real-life humiliation.  Being very much a contemporary term, a Humiliatrix can be thought of as being more of an intellectual or 'modern dominant',inflicting stress and mental anguish via the power of the word, rather than the whip. [...]

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