The 6ix Queen is Back!!!
Hey losers and hand-humpers,
Great news to be proclaimed across the land. Goddess Ava is returning to Toronto for a limited time (June 5-10) before she moves back permanently later in the summer. This is a tremendous opportunity for subs and bitches both old and new to find new purpose and motivation for the summer – while offering your services and money to Goddess in return. 
I will be available for sessions – as well as accepting applications (along with required tribute) for any bitch who wishes to dedicate his humble ass to my growing empire. Remember the rules beta – no talking or working for me unless you’re paying me. End of story. Spread this around to your loser friends in town too – I want an army of beta bitches as my beck and call while I’m back.
Book sessions with me now by emailing me
I am a very demanding Goddess – and will only accept the best and brightest of bitches into my new Toronto stable. If you plan to earn your place – be ready to work, toil and suffer for me all summer and beyond. For those of you slaves along the east coast in NYC, BOSTON, PHILLY and DC… don’t think you’re safe either. I’ll be coming.
See you soon betas.
Now fuck off.